Sunday, June 2, 2013

RJ's Cyberart

 I just discovered a disc containing about
120 cyber paintings
that RJ did about 12 years ago

Most of them are his typical
erotic fantasies,
but here are some
that depict friends
or were done with friends
who got together to draw a model

Above is a whimsical depiction
of Carin Hebenstreit painting a portrait

 Depicting one of his favorite models, Dexter,
posing with a second model

 Dexter, again,
this time at Xavier
presumably facilitated by Tom Tsuchiya
who had a studio there.

 Danny Leonard's father, Bill
had died of a heart attack
a few years earlier.

I'm not sure if this was a remedy
or a contributing factor

 Depicting John Pendery,
a family friend
who died not long after RJ

(though I was unaware that he ever got married
 - perhaps this image was mis-labeled)

A model posing
in the studio
of Charles Frymier

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